Eagle supports multiple technolgies and multiple interfaces


Eagle’s RF Express™ for QAD Enterprise Applications is written in Progress, the same technology used by QAD. This enables real time communication to QAD database.

The Eagle solution is open, non-proprietary providing a sound technology base. Eagle programs require no PCs, no CIM Process, and no ODBC edits.

Eagle supports UNIX, Windows Server and Linux. In addition, Eagle supports Progress and Oracle databases, .NetUI and a robust family of automated data collection devices.

Eagle customers using RF Express for QAD Enterprise Applications can use iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch® side by side with traditional handheld RF terminals.

Eagle customers can use an number of devices with Eagle RF Express Software.  Along with traditional handheld RF Terminals, customers can now take advantage of recent movement in Android and iOS technology, as well as a web user interface.  This provides many benefits including accessing Eagle on a wider number of devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as the latest rugged devices built on android or iOS platforms. This enables a much more user friendly interface for your workforce.   These devices often have the same ruggedness as traditional devices and perform the same transactions as other handheld RF terminals.

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Eagle Android App;

Eagle iOS App;

Eagle .NET UI;

More Videos available here: Eagle VIMEO Site

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