Data accuracy is paramount to making ERP systems function in an efficient manner.

Business Benefits


Cost Saving

Data accuracy is paramount to making ERP systems function in an efficient manner. By implementing an intelligent barcode system or RFID data capture systems with integrated label printing capabilities the data is captured alongside the process rather than some time later – the savings come from many aspects:

  • Less time taken in data entry and removal of centralised clerical functions. Overall improvements in worker efficiencies.
  • Real time stock visibility to enable better planning and control of the factory
  • Less management time resolving errors when data is entered after the event.

Quality Improvements

Quality improvements come from many areas derived from two key features, wireless bar code technology which allows the user to capture data next to the process they are doing using a scanner to eliminate keying problems, and the ability to validate real time with the database. This results two key benefits:

  • Improve Data accuracy through removal of transcription errors.
  • Ability to provide real time validation of correct product issues and usage by scanning actual tags or labels.

Process Improvements

By utilising mobile wireless automated data capture devices, the data capture can be moved to more relevant points in the process. This results in the following benefits:

  • By synchronizing the data and material flows, dramatic process improvements can be made. Data can be captured at the point of usage with careful process design steps can often be removed from the process.
  • Label production is part of integrated data capture.

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