Eagle provides data collection software to enable QAD customers to improve inventory processes


RF Express™ for QAD Enterprise Platform addresses the many business problems associated with Data Collection such as laborious manual systems, excessive paper forms, inaccurate and invalidated collections and delayed data posting.

RF Express™ for QAD Enterprise Platform is a 100% on-line, realtime automated data collection solution. RF Express™ optimizes the QAD Enterprise Platform solution, adding new functionality, enhanced processing speed and the ability to integrate distributed operations. Because of its flexible architecture, RF Express™ for QAD Enterprise Platform adapts easily to changes in business processes. In addition, Eagle’s Progress-based product offers “plug and go” integration with QAD Enterprise Platform and makes the most of a robust family of data collection devices.

RF Express™ for QAD Enterprise Platform provides the user with a streamlined interface for the corresponding QAD transaction. The user sees, and responds to, one question at a time, and each response is validated instantaneously within the QAD database, thereby giving immediate warnings of incorrect physical transactions. As a user proceeds through a transaction, the actual lower level routines within QAD are executed. Typical uses include:

      • Paperless RF terminal receiving with integrated label printing
      • Paperless material requisitioning, RF terminal material movement and put away
      • Paperless RF terminal cycle counting and physical inventory
      • Shop floor labor collection
      • Finished goods warehousing and shipping


With its high degree of scalability, RF Express™ for QAD Enterprise Platform can be quickly installed at one site and then rolled out to numerous additional facilities as needed. Its flexible architecture makes it easily adaptable to changes in business processes or requirements.

Product Strengths

  • QAD partner of the year on multiple occasions (most recently 2014)
  • “Plug and go” integration with QAD Enterprise Applications (7.3K to the latest QAD release)
  • 100% Online Validation
  • Comprehensive solution – Over 100 Standard Transactions
  • Over 1000 Worldwide Customers
  • Dynamic / evolving product
  • Robust family of automated data collection devices
  • Sound technology base.Real-time, streamlined input to the QAD database
  • Input with QAD Enterprise Applications edits and logic
  • Increased data visibility with reduced data entry input
  • Integrated label generation and bar code scanning